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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

5 star rating for Reif's Return! (3rd rating)

 Well, it's been a month since I received a rating on for Reif's Return... and it's a 5 star! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE! Still no review but I'll of course welcome the rating! 3 ratings, all 5, maybe I did something right! See that nice orange line at the top? Wonderful... I'm enjoying it while it lasts :-)

I'm almost on the last stage of the plot in the new book "Under the Shade of the Sun" (The Bohatch Chronicles Book 1), based around 25 years before Humanity H2O ... yes, the new book is now a series, there will definitely have to be another book. When, who knows?

But hey! Humanity H2O is here!

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