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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Flash Battle (1.2) has begun! (Space and Time Magazine) + 5 star for Radnoti X! (13th rating)

Space and Time Magazine's Flash Battle (1.2) has begun! If you'd like to read and vote for the 4 stories, here is the link. My 500-word story is there, called 'To Better Pastures'. I was slightly surprised by the other stories. And you can vote for one or ALL of them (yes, I voted for 3). It's one of those "get your friends and family to vote" type competitions... and I know those oh so well... it was a delight to write the story, and it can surely become a book. 

AND...unlucky for some, but not for Radnoti X! A 5 star rating has come in. THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE!

You know, Gubacsi Dulu (brown) and Radnoti X (black) were given out for FREE, so they were available to all, whereas Farkas Alpha (green) and Reif's Return (purple) weren't. It's strange how this chart looks, all the ratings together (5 star down to 1). Sometimes I'm in the mood for a chart.

Anyway, finishing off the first draft of the NEW BOOK! It's set in the same universe as Humanity H2O but twenty-five years before. I can't wait for the edit! I read someone's comment on a post the other day about 'art' being relegated to unessential, saying that 'art is PAIN'... if that's the case, stop doing it, you're in the wrong business. Yeah, sometimes I've felt pain while writing, but usually it's because I'm sitting incorrectly!

Humanity H2O!

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