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Thursday, September 1, 2022

BIG PUSH 2nd September #FREE ebooks too!

And the BIG PUSH is tomorrow, 2nd September 2020. For a limited time only, my new book is 99c, so let's see how many readers take the plunge. I was thinking of making it FREE, but I put time and effort into this, so not at the moment.


AxiCorp security officer Fauna Marika thinks taking a position on Mars colony would solve all her problems. Needless to say, she is yet again caught in the continuous flow of danger, unable to take full control of her life. Will she get a grip on herself? A claustrophobic, humorous, psychotic future of people who no longer know why.

There will also be three more books in the same series, and I'm working on the 2nd and 3rd now.

My new book is also connected to both Humanity H2O and the Bohatch Chronicles, so it looks like if you want to experience this completely, you'll have to go look at those.

BOTH Gubacsi Dulu and Under the Shade of the Sun will be FREE for 3 days, the 2nd,3rd and 4th of September 2022. Just to get you started.

And the Bohatch Chronicles are here, of course...

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