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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Rebeling against Security

 ...And how about this?

Yes, what we all want is happiness, but how do we get that? Security. In our life, in our pocket, in love. When we feel secure we will all be happy. And there are many times in our lives when we ARE happy, but then when something comes along which either destroys that security, or shows a potentially stronger security for us, then we move towards what we think will make us happier. Of course, when people are in danger, this is the only option. However, most of us live dull, mediocre lives. Some of these people realise this security is a prison of their own creation and rebel against it, some don't realise it and yet still rebel. Addiction, compulsion, obsession. Whatever. We're just on this spinning rock, with the miracle of life and the finalisation of death.

So... while you're dealing with your security and happiness, how about reading a few books?

Still waiting on a review one reader gave to Amazon about two weeks ago. Do Amazon treat their larger customers like this? Nope. Clearly a class / monetary system here.

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