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Friday, August 10, 2012

Slow week, some small submissions

Not much happening this week, sent a few short story submissions to some online magazines, and thinking of writing a few more, I've got tons of ideas. One of the best needs a lot of research though, which would take much longer to read up about than write the story. I read a few examples from other people which were already 'published', maybe my stuff just isn't mainstreamly dull enough. Who knows? Poems I don't really do, and the ones I saw on the online magazines were awful.
A few more new countries these few weeks, too. Sweden, Latvia (again, I think), Macedonia, and Bangladesh and Indonesia. Just got a little push from France, 11 hits.
That 'Name's Jack' thing? Made a little soap-opera argument about dialects/accents and grammar on Finally re-wrote it and finished it as a short story. Well, finished means gave it an ending, but it could easily be just a scene from a novel, so tinkering with that thought ATM.

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