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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Manna-X updated + Swearing

Updated and put up the first 6 chapters of 'Manna-X' here at

Scientists. They've found a part of the brain which is connected to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I wonder if blogs and writing are in there somewhere? Anyway, if this part of the brain doesn't work properly, then many things can happen, even scrupulosity (a psychological disorder characterized by pathological guilt about moral or religious issues). I don't think these people should read my books...
...and OCD of course includes things like compulsive washing of hands, cleaning...and swearing.
I don't have any swear words in my books, due to the nature of my books, I'd rather not use the written form, anyway.
As can be seen here (The Science of Swearing), swearing is negatively correlated to a whole lotta pyschological and lingusitic stuff. If I swore in my writing that would open up a huge can of worms...
So, I hope you enjoy reading the first part of 'Manna-X' - I'd love some feedback, especially from my 'anonymous' readers :-)


  1. Ahaaa! That'll be me then!

    Or is it? :-)

    Manna-X sounds intriguing and fun - a great combination.

    1. Yes, that's you :-) Manna-X is coming along nicely...

  2. You've deleted the word 'vampire' from Ch.6....Should you feel an urgent need to read The Twilight Saga, just tell me, I can lend you the books. I won't tell anyone.
    I like the 1st and the 6th chapters.
    Graham and Alicia's characters are really good so far, show more of them. Thanks.
    Please note that Hungarian librarians can hardly afford any Gucci pumps as they are on minimal wages and Gucci pumps are very very expensive.


    1. The word 'vampires' is in Chapter 3, as it always was, along with milkmen :-)
      "Monkeys, souls, dogs, cats, vampires, milkmen and any other animal you can think of..."
      Yeah, I forgot to change it to the Chinese mark, 'Pucci' :-)~ Changed now (hehe)
      I'm thinking of removing 'chapters', perhaps parts and 'sections', as the book moves through the 'motions' - pun intended...

  3. Shit, how many anonymous readers do you have?
    Then it was only in my mind...I thought that Alicia replied to her mom's question referring to the borrowings in the library with something like 'Just the usual vampire romance borrows'...Are you sure you haven't deleted it? :)
    O.K., maybe she had been saving money for years to buy Gucci. That adds something to her character!!!! Woohooooo!
    Sometimes I find it hard to understand what you mean in your comments (pun)... I'm a f....' blond Hungarian!!!!!

    1. Ah, yes, you are right, there was a 'vampire romance borrows' but I thought 1 reference was enough :-)
      'Pucci', I think that's better than 'Gucci' (hehe). As you said, no money, so shoes from the Chinese market, with the (almost) same brand...with double meaning...HA

    2. O.K., so you are senile...:)
      Emotions? Good.