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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's the story? All 3 books!

I thought I'd help those who needed a little help in deciding whether my books are their 'cup of tea', so here's their stories (up to the 'volcano', of course). Ya don't think I'm gonna tell ya the ends, do ya? :-)
'Man by a tree'
Kailen the hobgoblin King sabotages the 'soul pickup' list, as ordered, and Graham Reader (aka Grim Reaper) picks up a few souls, until he can't find one, which is a BIG problem for God. Graham doesn't know what to do but Satan does, as he gets ready to invade God's home 'up above' and take his comfortable chair. In the meantime, Doug, a second-rate musician, tries to make it big with his latest music band, oblivious to fate. Graham asks around, trying to find the lost soul, until God catches up with him...
'The Bethlehem Fiasco'
After a freak accidental 'angel blood' incident at birth, Jesus can hear voices in his head, a fact he learns to forgot. God and Satan are aware of the fact that a monkey (human) has angel blood in their system and they wait for contact. As an adult, Jesus goes off to look for himself, only to find his 'inner conscience' (God/Satan/Lucifer/whoever is on the line) and John the Baptist and his cohorts, eager for a profit, at any cost...
'The Rage of Atlantis'
Set at the beginning of time, 2 evil Atlantean politicians want their dream to come true, and will pay any price to achieve it, irrespective of their own fellow humans. Chief of Security Sipho and his sidekick Kang Dee the dolphin investigate the last in a long line of terrorist attacks against their city, only to succumb to the evils of the time...

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