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Friday, March 8, 2013

The craze has started ! :-)

Thank you 'Anonymous' for starting the craze of buying my books :-) I hope you chose wisely.... 
Man by a tree is heavy to start but races onto a 'volcanic' finale
Rage of Atlantis can crush brains, but
Bethlehem Fiasco is a healthy snack for all the family :-)~
TDX2 is basically a linear 'extra' adventure for Graham Reader (free here), whereas...
MannaX (No.5) (in the writing process) is another fully fledged complex plot book.

And to help you navigate my strange little neo-plantonic universe, here are the main characters from the 4 books so far...

In all 4 books to date...
God - He's the man in charge, 'up above'. He knows all, sees all. He's not as stupid as he seems.
Satan - Lord and master of 'down below', banished from 'up above' many years ago, all he wants is to be No.1!

Kailen - Lord over all hobgoblins. He also has hopes and desires.

In 3 books...
Graham Reader (1+2+4) (Grim Reaper) - Once shepherd, now Mr. Death, he's been worn down by over 2000 years of picking up souls. To put it bluntly, he doesn't enjoy his job anymore. 
Michael (1+2+3) - Once a great angel with his sword in hand, now he's the owner of a dangerous clipboard.
In 2 books...
Lucifer (1+2) - Satan's side kick, loves himself. That's why God threw him out of 'up above', too much pride.
Sniff & Grint (1+2) - Two of the laziest and stupidest hobgoblins you'll ever (not) meet. (Grint has a bit part in 'The Bethlehem Fiasco'-  see if you can spot him :-))
Drukan (2+3) - the 'newboy' hobgoblin who turned into 'the little man' with special powers

Man by a tree only...
Jerry (Jeremiel) - Friend of Graham's a bit of a wayward angel. Michael hates him.
Doug - A down-and-out muso, looking for his 'Big Break'. Will he find it?
Sarah - Actually, who is she?

The Bethlehem Fiasco only...
Jesus - the man himself, confused, but has a big heart
John the Baptist - wanna be baptised? It'll cost ya
Gaspar  - a criminal mastermind, once mistaken for a wise man
Pilate - the Roman Prefect of Judea
Herod & his son, Antipas - Two of the craziest rulers...ever
Caiaphas - the High Priest of Judea
Bassus - lower priest
And loads more...:-)

The Rage of Atlantis only...
Sipho - a not-so-great High Chief of Security for Atlantis
Kang Dee - Sipho's female dolphin sidekick
Oediouspelus - a greedy leader of Atlantis
Plagamus - an evil leader of Atlantis
the Auditor - a cheating draughts-playing Death statistician
Gabriel - a not-so-great clever angel
Iolus - the evil guys' inside man
Audrey - God's long-suffering personal assistant
And loads loads more :-)


  1. Have started buying! Can they be read independently of each other?

  2. Yes, I tried to write them in that way.
    'Rage' is so far back in time that there are only a few characters connecting it to the first two.
    Thank you for taking the first step :-)

  3. Sniff&Grint play a rather large role in Manna-X and Luci(fer) appears too.

  4. Thanks, Szaki!, someone's reading my books!...YES, you are right, Sniff & Grint, Luci, Satan, Graham and Reginald all play a large role in Manna-X... I haven't updated this post with Manna-X yet, I just thought it would be nice for some to see it again...Thanks for the comment!