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Friday, March 8, 2013 Fashion

When I can get my head down and write, it's the greatest feeling ever, to produce something which wasn't there a moment ago, something which encapsules thoughts, emotions, ideas for eternity. At the end of writing a story, there is a feeling of euphoria and you can't wait for someone else to read it.
...that's the problem. I thought that if you wrote something good, someone would read it, publish it and more people would get the chance to experience the 'joy' within the writing. Wrong. Sure, your friends love the stuff, they want more, but really, what is literature? Fashion. Someone buys a book because someone else did, or they see a good review in a magazine or see a huge display in the shop. Some say the books find their readers. I don't think so... I'm writing, loving the process and one day, maybe one day someone will buy one of my books...just the one, maybe.


  1. I thought exactly the same! Surely a good book would fly of the shelves? My knowledge of getting work published is non-existent tbh, but I'm thinking about trying to get a book out there myself, so your words of experience are most welcome. I'm going to start a new fashion craze by buying (yes, buying!) one of your books. Stay positive :-)

  2. Thanks for your kind words, 'Anonymous', I love your work, especially the 'Gesta Hungarorum'...oh, sorry, that was 'Anonymus'...
    Thanks for starting the craze :-) Choose wisely....MBAT is heavy to start, Rage can crush brains, but Bethlehem Fiasco is a healthy snack :-)~