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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Collaboration! First novel length.

Well, it took a few weeks, but I finally did something which I've never done before, a novel collaboration. Actually the other guy had no choice, he passed away and left an almost complete manuscript of a sci-fi novel based loosely on Brave New World/parts of Soylent Green. I was tasked to proofread and edit, and it turned into a rewrite (ie, collaboration because my name WILL be on the cover). It's about 30% written by me with a dash of sugar-coated Caile through the rest. I'll inform anyone interested when I know more about its future with the publisher (cover, publication date, etc.)

So, now I have some time to write my next book. Maybe. I'm on it.

While you're STILL - yes, STILL - waiting for ANY book from me, if you haven't started this amazing journey into our future yet (Future? I think you may find... I'll let you make up your own mind) - where have you been? - or wish to continue it, here's the link to Humanity H2O.

And the Bohatch Chronicles are here, of course...

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