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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Iron Writer's Challenge 11 is on!

Okay, it's on, the Iron Writer Challenge 11!  was scheduled earlier, number 4 I think, but I was on holiday that week. I still wrote a story because the organiser sent me an e-mail, then realised he'd changed my date, a story about a Vampire Hunter and Vampires on the beach (see this post).
But now the REAL thing! 4 writers, 4 elements, 500 words, 4 days (writers are given only 4 days to write the story)
The 4 elements were...
...yes, every week they're like this, I think the organiser has a shoe's all very brown, as you can see, I guess that's why I gave it that title...anyway, I wrote a 500 word story, and now it's up on the website to read (along with 3 other stories from 3 other writers using the same 4 elements). Please read and vote :-)
This might even be my new genre, Dectective Brad Shaw...

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