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Monday, January 13, 2014

"That person's solid gold" - Zsuzsa Demcsák

Since living in Hungary, I've bumped into quite a few Hungarian celebs, especially TV hosts. I've seen a few Hungarian actors, but they're not the nicest people.
However, TV hosts...on the TV screen there are some fantastic people, they look great (Hungary has a high percentage of pretty women - they do have their share of ugly ones, too, I might add, but if you want to see beauty, come to Hungary), they speak well, they hold themselves well. You even feel bad about the sad things that happen in their lives when talking on other shows. Then you bump into them in real life...the facade drops. Most are shallow selfish creatures who deserved all the bad things they got, and none of the limelight.
But the other day, I bumped into one host in particular, and I was impressed. She is what a TV host should be, a great 'role model' for the person of today: caring mother, sporty, looks good, polite, natural. Zszuzsa Demcsák :-) Thankfully, amongst all the egotistical, selfish limelight seekers, there are still the few who the ordinary person in the street can look up to and say "Yes, that person's solid gold."

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