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Friday, February 7, 2014

Challenge 51: Punch & Judy Nonsense Style

Had a pretty bad week...the only thing I could think of to help was to do Challenge 51 'nonsense' style, like Jabberwocky / different language. Some strange words came out of it...but it's just an experiment, 'making up' a language which 'feels' the way you want it to feel. A bit writing-up-my-arse but I had to try it. Here's the first few lines (the rest will be in Dani's Shorts 2 available in a few weeks). Yes, the function words can be translated, but the adjectives and verbs are 'feelings' of words...

Tunktan eh Lamar

Squening im ulm loval smay, flaffling dun, wheaped upe du kartnal, du bartli henness uff du narted yoff mitt u. Nat zark ohn loval smay, varnig loval smay. Ha!
"Tunktan! Tunktan! Offanar il? Tunktan!"
Ulm fissart turpt, e narnared imtu du kartnalnu.
"Lamar, ulm balting fiss, dute datte il dana?"
"Tunktan, ulm balting Tunktan! Luzorn wid u!"
Olm luzorn fanass du kartnalantar, sissing eh flissing ath lovatt datte.
"Pah, Lamar, il gontlo ath olm datte im olm finky lanty marr."
"Tunktan, il luzom ath il mingala datte."
Olm smuzzeed eh kluzzeed eh crottched mumuze.

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