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Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Hot off the Press" AND "The Poetry Daily" :-)

Just re-edited 'Dani's Shorts 2' - the first 31 copies went out with a missing link on Weekend Quickie 6 :-(
3rd mention ever and 2nd mention in a week! :-)
Some people on must like me :-) Thank you, Jaime Boler! :-)
"Hot off the Press" (17th Feb 2014)
(under 'Stories' 2nd mention on the right)

And here's the post link for my nonsense 'sex/love' poem on 'The Poetry Daily' (11th Feb 2014)! Way-hey!!  (under 'Leisure' 3rd blog post on the right) :-) Here...
....which now doesn't work because it's updated daily...oh well...

Working on "How to...", oh, and is it shining :-) 

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