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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Quickie No.29! :-)

There's a wonderful selection of 200 (ish) word stories this Saturday at TIW Weekend Quickie :-)
See them here....

Of course, here's mine :-) A Quickie in a Quickie

"Where's Brian? He's got the keys to the plane," asked Jordan.
"He's probably busy with his grandchildren on Skype, he really misses them," replied Mamie.
"Yeah, I think it was a good idea we all banded together on this Gung-ho world trip, seeing as we're now all famous writers, but I sure do miss my family," said Michael.
They all agreed and drank their cocktails, watching the plane bob up and down.
"Are we in 'Castaway' or what?" laughed Jordan.
"More like 'Lost'," said DaVur. "Watch out for fast-moving invisible monsters…oh,  no Equinox winners here."
"So, what do we do now?" asked Michael.
"Well, what are we?" questioned Mamie.
"No, look, we're Iron Writers and it's Saturday, isn't it?"
"Hey, a Quickie!" screamed Jordan.
"You'll be lucky," remarked DaVur.
"We can write a Quickie! We need elements."
"A beach?"
"Good, now, what's here?"
"Other than that plane, us," said Jordan.
"5 Iron Writers, including Brian," stated DaVur.
"And now an emotion?"
"How about 'the desire to travel about', like what we'd like to do now?" mentioned Michael.
"I think that's called 'wanderlust'."
"Perfect! Let's write!"
They sat drinking their cocktails, watching the plane bob up and down.

PS: 'Editing 'How to' is almost over! :-)

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