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Monday, April 14, 2014

LTYTTB/Little Green Rosetta (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


I couldn't make up my mind between 'Lemme Take you to the beach' (Studio Tan) and 'Little Green Rosetta' (Joe's Garage).
Both songs make me happy whenever I hear them and I need to join in like some stupid teenager. Nowadays I change Little Green Rosetta to 'Little Green, White and Red Rosetta' to match the Hungarian flag when I see some overzealous Hungarian Nationalist wearing one a day which isn't customary, and 'Lemme Take you to the beach' when we go to a strand (Hungary is known for its 'artificial beaches', openair fun swimming pool areas - it gets very hot in the summer good!
But, of course, BOTH songs are speaking about the same things....
Okay, so here are the songs on youtube :-) Hope they also put a smile on your face....

Lemme Take you to the beach...(this is a very...well, I've never seen this Ren & Stimpy episode!...hope you're under 18...)

Little Green Rosetta...(just the'll need this one after that Ren & Stimpy cartoon...)


  1. I read your About Me, and guess what, you're not alone. The hard part is getting people to read our books!! Marketing and promotion is the pits....

    1. It is, really, if we only had to do writing alone...
      Thanks for popping by :-)