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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Naval Aviation In Art? (segue)

'Naval Aviation in Art'...I was sceptical of Zappa doing orchestral music, until I heard this on 'The Perfect Stranger'. I got into this part of Zappa's stuff, especially 'Francesco Zappa' - which I could play continuously - that album isn't Zappa's music, but uses the same instrument, the Synclavier. Using this machine, Zappa was able to get closer to the sound he wanted, rather than depend on educated snobs sawing wood and blowing through metal.

Here is a really nice video of 'Naval Avaiation in Art' on 
...and for those who want to listen to some dead 18th century Italian composer music played on a computerised instrument, here's 'Francesco Zappa'...(of course, that's 'F' but hey :-))



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