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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TIW Thanks (3) ...Brian Rogers (Happy Birthday!)

Yes, it's the 3rd TIW Thanks, and it goes to the founder of the Challenge, Brian Rogers :-)
Every week this guy puts on 4 more elements and I go and write up the story...what an excellent taskmaster!
And it's his BIRTHDAY TODAY!
"Happy Birthday, Brian!"
let's say a bit about his 'creation'...
The Iron Writer Challenge itself is a great place to write and meet other like-minded people. It's a huge massive monster now and Brian is a ROCK! he's the greatest.
But, not only is Brian the founder of TIW Challenge...
...a challenge that every writer should at least try once, but he is also an accomplished author himself!
Check out his novels!
The Sin of Certainty...
Black Friday
Six Sisters
Give Me Liberty Then Death
Baby Boomer
Thrashing Charley Little

And here's a little 50 worder for his birthday :-) (elements - airport patdown, heartthrob and Whitesnake lyric) plus some 'jello' from 'Frankieismymiddlename' :-)

"…There is trouble always coming my way..." Brian watched the over-sized 52-46-54 200lb Audrey Hepburn lookalike airport security guard walking over.
"We've got a right one 'ere, Madge!" shouted the guy doing Brian's pat down.
This would be the last TIW Conference Brian would set up....or maybe not...
'Madge' had jello...


  1. Lol! Brian vs. Airport security? I wonder if jello will be involved...

  2. Ah-ha! Jello! Thanks, 'Frankieismymiddlename'! That's the story needs!