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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TIW Thanks (9) - to The Challenge! :-)

Yes, the last big thanks...for the moment...goes to...the Challenge!
Without you, Challenge, many stories would never have been seen, would never have been written. You are a phenonemon in your own right, Challenge! You continue to amaze, excite and stress 4 writers every week with your 4 sometimes incomprehensible elements and your insistent and undoable deadlines! You have evolved into a beautifully sculptured torture instrument, leaving only one person victorious and 3 dying in the gutter. Starting off as a 'popularity' vote, with writers, friends, relatives, hamsters and tortoises with their own server able to vote, you have now after a year, moved on, allowing other wiser...people... to dictate over the polls and point their fingers to the 'chosen' one.
We will all say 'farewell' to your old system in the FINAL and have already 'welcome'd the new (after a little 'discussion' or two) :-)
I say 'thank you' to you, Challenge. you have shown me that I can write whatever I wish (within the constraints set, of course) and that you, Challenge, can help any writer reach their epitamy. We bless you, and all who write in you!

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