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Monday, May 5, 2014

When TIWs get together....The Mamie Mass...

Mathew was dying to do another, and KA was begging, so...
Quite difficult to get this relay (2nd of its kind) rolling, not difficult to do, but so many posts happened, it was tricky to see the wood for the trees, or the jello for the mayo. This time K.A. DaVur joined in for a bit of fun about her hair and the hair of others in TIW. It continued on after this a little, but here's the beginning, short and jello-bean sweet...

Dani J Caile
Once upon a time, in a land of wealth and honour, there lived Amanda who was proud of her immense hair. Every day she would take selfies and post them on facebook, selfies which showed off her humongous mountain of fiberous scalpular growth and put many other women to shame, until, that is, she woke up one morning to see the largest, wildest bundle of hair to ever be put forth before her..the Mamie Mass...
KA DaVur
It was magnificent. It had a volume, a height that simply could not be matched by those unfortunate enough to be born North of the Mason-Dixon line. "Well, then," Amanda thought, "it's simple. .. "
Mathew W. Weaver
...selfie time again," Her camera, ever within reach, clicked and whirred, ready for the shot to end all shots. Amanda pouted, her duckface perfect, her Maime Mass carefully piled. But just when the shutter clicked....
Dani J Caile
...her pet blonde pompom came into view, stealing the limelight from her pouting selfness and destroying the last pitiful chance she ever had of dethroning the Mamie Mass from its rightful position as heir to the title of..."
Mathew W. Weaver
.... Queen of the Ducks. "Nay, this cannot be!" Amanda cried, "For tis mine right and mine crown that thou attempteth to steal!" The pompom looked up at her, the warmth in its eyes enough to melteth the coldest fury, and said....
Dani J Caile
"....Jello Fight!"

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