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Monday, June 30, 2014

Writing Process Chain letter post

Wow! Got my very first royalty check from 3 Fates Press for sales of 'Circuits & Steam'...considering it's an anthology, that's quite a bit...well, okay, it's pennies but it's something :-)

This post is actually part of a Writing Process chain letter, and I was tagged by Marian Allen, one third of 3 Fates Press ( so I'd better get to it!

My Writing Process...
Okay, maybe this'll help someone but I doubt it, it's quite boring, really.
1. I write up my ideas on the 'big' story and try to put them in some order
2. I draw up a diagram which includes all my characters, their actions, motivations, etc
3. From 2. comes a whole load of new ideas, so I have to redo No.2 (this stops once I get a whole story and I can then move on)
4. I start writing up the 'big' story
5. I read what I have and edit/add/subtract until I'm satisfied that's what I wanted when I started No.1.

Easy, really...yeah, right. It takes 3-12 months and it starts with the 'big' story idea. At the moment, I'm playing around with a few.

This is a chain letter, so I'd better tag a few people...3 is the required number...2 is too little, 4 is too much, 5 is WAY OUT...I guess I'd better tell them...

1: Jordan Bell (
2: Mathew W. Weaver (
3:  Tannis Laidlaw (

Good luck :-)

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