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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Shorts 2 ...out now!

Yes, another short story in another anthology from the Indie Collaboration!

On June the 3rd, my Amazon author rating peeked to a new level (#11,844). I didn't know why, there were no sales...then I checked the KDP/KU 'borrow' system...someone in India read all 886 pages of 'The Trilogy' in one day... yeah, right. I got hit by the hackers who are trying to make 'midlist' authors look dodgy to Amazon... and then Amazon deletes the author's account. The author who did nothing is the victim. So, I have now unenrolled all my self-published books from the 'borrow' system for the next term. They are still available now, but in a month or two, you'll have to BUY them to read them. Shame, huh? The pain, strain, excitement and time needed to produce a story... and you need to pay for it? Yep. I'd like to give them free but Amazon doesn't allow it, and now hackers see me as a target.

I also have my own 'meme', thanks to @BookTrib :-)

Other's Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 184!
Here it is on the site...
Or here...:-)

184-  Image above, write a 200 word story using the sentiment behind these cliches …“If you get the sense, chuck the tense”, “All dressed up and no place to go”, “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye”, "Don’t get your knickers in a twist”

He stood there on the corner, the cold fog moving on through the city and him in his black Italian cut three piece suit. I could see him from my third floor window from across the street. What was he doing there?
A few people passed by, and he tried to speak with the men. Most kept walking on, but some allowed him to say what he wanted to. There was always a lot of gesturing and shaking of heads, ending in shrugs of shoulders and a walk away. One man seemed to understand him and led him to the corner shop but a few steps away and gave him an apple. With a short greeting and exchange of smiles, he was alone again, looking at the apple. The next moment he was jumping up and down in possibly anger and frustration. He began to shout in the street, attracting little attention from those around.
Settling down, after a little cry, a plead to the world and more crying on his knees, he stood straight, gave his suit a tug and again looked down at the apple in his hand. With a nod of his head, he ate the apple.

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