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Saturday, June 11, 2016

WQ183 + 60k views!

This blog has now seen over 60,000 hits! Yeah! if only they were sales...

This week I have a story in the Iron Writer Challenge 160...please go and read, maybe vote :-)
I don't think I'll go through this time to the finals :-(

I've also been struggling through the Writers Games 2016, 7 weeks, 7 events.
So far I've had feedback from the first 3...unplaced, unplaced, disqualified...yep! They hate me :-)
I think it's a good thing, trust me. Still carrying on, though.

Plus I'm at 45k with the novel! I'll get that first draft! I will!

And it's Saturday! Here's my take of the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 183 on the website...
...and also here :-) Enjoy...

WQ183 - image above, empathy, insulation, a writer

'Her face was mesmorizing, like some ancient landscape painting; her blackheads were fur trees across her nose, her eyebrows a line of trees jutting out from a ridge, the boil on her forehead was a volcano waiting to erupt, her bulging vein below her right eye was a stream with a bridge across its...'
With his line of thought broken, he relaxed back into his chair. "Yes, darling?"
"Are you going to help me or what?"
Help? She had destroyed the moment, a perfect literary moment of immense introspection, and she wanted help? "What was that, my darling?"
"The insulation in the attic! We need to rip out the old stuff and put in the new! I've got thirty plus square meters here!"
"Oh darling, if only I could!" Another ping on Facebook made him check his notifications. "I feel empathy for you in that you feel that such matters are more important than my writing, but really, I have a deadline to keep! I must finish this by next week!"
"I'll give you a deadline if you don't come up here right now and help!"
He stood up and went to her. Would anyone ever understand HIS needs?

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