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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Itty Bitty Writing Space Kickstarter doing FANTASTICALLY!

Well, the Kickstarter of Itty Bitty Writing Space is going FANTASICALLY well!
The initial goal was set at...$ 1,700 
but it's not at...
$ 6,580!!!
...still with 12 days to go!
Go and see for yourself, or maybe even back it yourself! Click here!

There's even an execellent graphic about the 'team', which I'm in...can you guess which one I am?

Other news.. Manna-X, after almost 500 FREE downloads the other week - there might now even be 10,000+ copies out there somewhere - I have 19 reviews. Nineteen. If anyone out there has downloaded or even PURCHASED it, please write up a review! Thank you!
Manna-X is here!

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