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Monday, April 20, 2020

Gubacsi Dulu... is it done? Really?

My last post said I'd 'finished' Gubacsi Dulu, my first sci-fi novella.
I've just started a second part, though I don't know if it's a second part, or enough to make the first a novel, or there's need for a third part ... we will see.
But it's exciting.
The first blurb goes like this... and I can't show you the second part's because... 'spoiler'...

2357 AD. Officer Karina Reif wants to start afresh. Or does she? A 'John Doe' appears in the depths of her jurisdiction, an AxiCorp water extraction installation on Gubasci Dulu, thousands of light years from Earth, and breaks apart the fragile fa├žade of her life. What will she do with the secrets she finds?
A claustrophobic, subtly humorous, psychotic future of people who no longer know why.

Oh, and I received a wonderful spike of free downloads from Smashwords recently as I collected half a dozen new readers from who knows where. THANK YOU! It makes my day! My week!
Get them here if you haven't yet.

Here's that Gubacsi Dulu cover again... there might be a new one on the way...

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