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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Motivation + Reading of "How to Sink a Ship"

Just had a rush of Free Smashword downloads go out into the world, about half a dozen new readers if I can make out the figures correctly. Thank you for downloading! Now have a read...

If anyone is interested in hearing some short excerpts of "How to Sink a Ship", the video is available on Facebook HERE.

One of the questions I was asked by the publisher was what's my first rule of being an Indy author...
I said "Celebrate every success!", like some kind of personal reward. But actually, that isn't even one of the top motivators of trying to gain some success. Without motivators, nothing happens.

I had to study motivation, and these are what I feel are the Top motivators are for success in writing...

1. Someone to push you forward - a role model, a friend or even yourself
2. A pleasant atmosphere - you need a time and a place/space to write in without feeling uncomfortable
3. Write well - read a lot, learn the intricacies of language, model from books you like
4. Set goals - either words per day, or to write something everyday, or 'next week I'll finish this chapter'. Something to acknowledge the future when whatever you're writing will be complete.
5. Try something new / keep it interesting - a different style of genre, writing, place, time, whatever, just something 'different'
6. Keep up your confidence - this one's tricky, kind of goes back to the rest

Other than that, a good story would help! LOL

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