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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Desperately looking for reviews on Amazon International sites!

 As you know, I have 8 reviews so far for 'Gubacsi Dulu', which all show up on

Unfortunately, on the International sites (the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.), only 4 reviews appear...

This doesn't look good. I know, I know, people keep telling me, ignore the stupid 1 star reviews, but due to the success of the free promotion (1000+ free downloads), the book went everywhere, including to the illiterate, brain-dead 'don't make me think' horde. Out of 1000+ downloads, there's a chance the book will get into the hands of some people whose reading level is low... I find it strange that a 74-year-old man doesn't understand a book written in his own language when I know 9-year-olds who had no problem. His lawn could do with some watering, too. And what's he hiding in that huge basement? Anyway, if you've read the book, and you're not American, please leave a review (hopefully not a 1 or 2, that'll be just spiteful). Don't let the stupid take over. Please!

Keep up the good fight! Educate, educate, educate!

Here's if anyone wishes to see the book there...

Here are all the relevant Amazon International links...

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