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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Winding down (?) the Gubacsi Dulu Party...?

Yes, it's been one hell of a ride! So many firsts for myself in my writing career, all due to the help of a certain few and of course my readers! 1000+ free downloads, KENP reads, pre-orders, ratings and ranks, even 1 star reviews, all milestones reached. Yes, we're not talking big numbers but it is something! I'm not writing to nobody, there is someone out there.

And now, as the dust begins to settle and things calm down, hopefully more reviews will come in, squashing those two 1 stars into oblivion (Yes, they're still there... 74-year-old Bernard G. needs to go back to education and smart up, methinks, the other one is a lost cause)

HANG ON! There's an upsurge again! And #1 New Release again! I'll take all you can give me!, as I wait (and plead) for those readers who understand my writing to send in their thoughts and reviews of Gubacsi Dulu, Radnoti X, the second book in the series, is being finalised. A little shorter than the first, it is fully-packed with lots of goodies, mainly ***SPOILER***

So, in a few more days, I'll pass it over to my star reader, Miss KR herself, to give her view on the book and then I can go through the process of publication. 

If you're interested in seeing how Officer Karina Reif gets on, pre-order is possible... many people have!

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