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Friday, September 25, 2020

Twitter knows the TRUTH! Locked out... #BLM

 It took me a while to get back on Twitter after someone reported one of my tweets.

After the fiasco trial of the murderers of Breona Taylor in Louisville, where the police officers who murdered her while she was sleeping in her own bed in her own house were let off, I sent a Tweet to the Louisville Police Department...

Then Twitter locked my account for breaching Twitter Rules. When is TELLING THE TRUTH a bad thing? Apparently when it's against WHITE POLICE OFFICERS WHO MURDERED AN INNOCENT BLACK WOMAN? 
At first I thought Twitter was... well, you know, especially after all the hassle I had trying to unlock the account. They wouldn't send the access code, and when they finally sent one, it was the wrong one! And then they sent me as many as I'd asked for but unfortunately, my phone went crazy and the battery died in an hour... 
When I got home, I plugged in my phone to charge and instantly tried Twitter. I found this in my emails...

So, Twitter knows the truth, and they weren't the ones who locked me out. LMPD or someone who thinks 'Blue Lives Matter' probably reported me.

Police Reform is needed. 
Racism needs to stop. 
Black Lives Matter! #BLM

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