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Friday, October 23, 2020

Gubacsi Dulu - 39 ratings! Two 5 stars and one 3... :-)

 These last few days...

Gubacsi Dulu just received 3 ratings, two 5 star ratings (and one 3 if I can work it out correctly). One 5 star rating includes a review from a loyal reader of my books... thank you all! And thank you Frank Clark!

So Gubacsi Dulu is holding at a 3.8 average...

Which is better than 3.7, though a 4.0 would be nice...:-)

I had a chat with an enthusiastic reader about DNA and apples (in Radnoti X). It was energising to see how much the book gets someone to think! I love people who think!

Come and think! It's good for you! Recommend the books to people who think! No dummys, please (I prefer 3 stars and up in ratings).

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