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Sunday, October 11, 2020

We Live in a Rape Culture (Society)... Radnoti X... (+GD rating No.35)

Still nothing for Radnoti X in terms of reviews yet. Slow going on KENP and sales are 'okayish'...

Gubacsi Dulu also got its 35th rating.... a 5 star no review! Thank you, whoever you are!

So I thought I'd give a little explanation about this three-book sci-fi series. It ain't your usual sci-fi...okay, here goes...

Gubacsi Dulu is the awakening to the realisation that we are living in a society of distractions (work, sports, drink, drugs), controlled by one small group of people with absolute power. (Yes, in the book this small group works together, but in reality they basically work towards the same goal: absolute power, fighting amongst themselves)

Radnoti X is the realisation that we are living in a Rape Culture (society) controlled by the ideals and expectations of that group of absolute power (mostly white male though male (or indoctrinated females)).

Farkas Alpha is the.... *SPOILER*

Yeah, not going that far yet. :-)

So, look at those who gave the book/s low ratings. Make your own judgement.

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