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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Farkas Alpha - 5 days to go! + Gubacsi Dulu 40th +41st ratings!

Only five more days until the launch! KENP is still going (slowly but surely), though it's been quite quiet... except for the 40th rating and review of Gubacsi Dulu... a 2 star??!?.. no, I'm NOT putting it here. Yet again someone who did not like the book. What is wrong with these people? Why do they pick up the book, struggle through something they don't understand/like and then decide to write a review which will destroy both the book and the author? Surface reader? I wouldn't mind if the reviewer 'felt' something, but they didn't, they found nothing of value in the book. THAT is the insult. But hey, the book doesn't change, I don't change,,, and neither do they. Ignorance is a disease. 

And as I write... someone placed a 41st rating on Gubacsi Dulu... from what I can work out, it was a 4! I'll take that one! Someone who read it, saw its flaws but accepted that it was good.

And do you know what? If you actually buy my books, you can review and rate them too!

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