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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Farkas Alpha Promo! + Gubacsi Dulu 43rd rating!

Gubacsi Dulu got its 43rd rating! And it's a 5 star! Thank you, whoever you may be! Your support is much appreciated!

Still not much happening with Radnoti X in term of reviews/ratings, but the last time I said that, it got an addtional 3star added to the two 5s... so maybe... shhhh.... :-)

And Farkas Alpha got a fantastic promo from Jasper T. Scott! didn't actually do what I thought it would, but there was movement across all 3 books! Farkas didn't receive #1 New Release in that particular subcategory :-( ... but it did get #3 in ALL three subcategories... maybe there'll be more movement later!

So, here they are, in 3D, Humanity H2O. Wonderful, aren't they?

Humanity H2O! Don't believe everything that's been told to you! Please recommend them to a friend!

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