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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Farkas Alpha Release - 16th November 2020!!! (Not January 2021)

Yes! I was able to finish well ahead of what I thought I needed, which can only be a good thing for both the readers and myself! I said January because at the time I had no idea how long it would take.

New Release Date: Monday 16th November 2020

Here's the Foreword from the Muse herself! I hope there are many more readers who will enjoy this book just as much as she did!

I can't thank Dani J. enough that he included me in this trilogy, not just in the book, but in the whole process. One year ago if someone had told me, I would have laughed it off and maybe even said they should go see a therapist (a good one) as soon as possible! It’s my biggest accomplishment in life up till now... I haven't done much with it so far... I just read the books and fell in love with them as any regular reader would do, right? I feel like I do not deserve this, so this is a real shoutout to you, Dani J. Caile, for creating an incredible story! Let's hope that my future-to-be-born children, nephews and nieces will love these books just as I do, because they will not get any other bed story story...sorry, kids! 

And I still want an implant for Christmas, I would even be down to saying goodbye to my crazy hair!


(The Muse)

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