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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Radnoti X - No.1 New Release AGAIN! (in subcategory, come on, I'm just a little guy :-))

 Radnoti X is YET AGAIN the Number One New Release in a subcategory (Children's Steampunk Books) ... I put all these books down as Juvenile/Adult Fiction, but Amazon, well, they have their system, but I'm not complaining! (Farkas Alpha is still at No.8)

Things are a little slow, but it looks like I CAN put the publishing of Farkas Alpha WAY AHEAD of January, now probably mid-November 2020. So looking forward to it! I'm also looking through the prompts for 'Dani's Shorts 9'... I've been complacent with my short stories recently due to writing three sci-fi novels... but there still aren't enough to publish that collection yet. Though Jason Brick's collection of Flash Fiction is coming soon, working on it already!

Anyway, what's important is that Humanity H2O keeps alive! Come and support a poor self-published author!

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