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Friday, December 18, 2020

First Draft Reif's Return finished

 ...and now comes the task of re-reading and editing. Reif's Return follows the 5 part storyline, setup, complication, interlude, development and climax. Yes, all good, solid stories have these stages, and if you are a good writer, they come naturally, which it did, I only saw it as a whole in the last moments. Once you've written a few books, this happens, unless there's a problem and you've forced your hand, so to speak.

Reif's Return was an after-thought, as anyone can see from the Preface in book 3, Farkas Alpha...

"I thought this time as it’s the last book in this particular series..."

which I've now changed. I also noticed I'd forgotten to hyperlink the whole document in the ebook version... damn. Now it's done. As it will be for Reif''s Return.

So, again, just a brief post, as I'm busy editing... Reif's Return! Come and Pre-Order! It might even be ready for Christmas!

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