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Monday, December 28, 2020

Gubacsi Dulu latest ratings! (57th)

From the 51st till the 57th rating, Gubacsi Dulu has received mixed stars, as usual... 4,4,1,5,3,2,5 = 3.4 Not good.

The 56th, a 2 star, comes with a strange looking review, which mostly composes of a quote and blurb from my book, so she used my own writing to write her she misspelt "Scify". I'm not putting the review up here, that would be pointless again. 

AND she used 6 *s instead of the word 'shitty' in the quote from the book, implying that the book is filled with FOUL language, which it isn't. Her review is therefore DEFAMATORY to the book. What she doesn't know is that the books are psychological mirrors of the reader... and it's clear she only read the first 20 pages.

If people don't understand something, then it must be bad. These sound like ignorant people. 

But the latest, the 57th!! A 5 star! THANK YOU! There is still hope...

The other day I read a few pages of a book which IMHO was a 1 star - poor writing, description, dialogue and clone story, but it had 90% 5 star ratings... curious...

Note: Gubacsi Dulu is Book 1...the first few chapters are being called 'slow'. Any good story, book or film, won't pushed you into the action immediately. That would be some poor second-rate literature / art / media / entertainment. Any good story has a sense of lulled peacefulness, until the storm hits.

Doesn't anyone know why the first Star Wars film was actually Book 4 and not Book 1? Because they knew their audience wouldn't sit through a film of Book 1 until the genre was set by the more action-packed Book 4. Remember that film of book 1? I like it, but... did you, compared to the others? What was different?

So, Humanity H2O.... can humanity save itself from its own stupidity? Where are the people who think? 

And Newsflash! Someone is reading Radnoti X by KENP...AND someone also bought a Gubacsi Dulu! THANK YOU! Three things which made my WEEK!

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