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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

One more rating for Gubacsi Dulu

Gubacsi Dulu has now started on its next set of 50 ratings (ha!), the 51st, and it's a 4 star! (Which is the new 5 star, said nobody). The average is still under 4, so my future options for advertising are limited :-( But these reviews and ratings show a certain reality of broad views than any other book in the genre... I wonder why? Probably because... [censored] 

Anyway, here's Gubacsi Dulu's ratings! Thank you to ALL those who have rated and especially reviewed the book! I hope more will join and give their honest opinion.

Every review and rating matters for the books (and sale, don't forget sale), for myself and for the future, unknown readers! How are they meant to know what the book is like unless someone tells them! 

But every new review and rating is frightening. I have no idea when they are coming, where, or what the opinion will be! 95% of my reviews/ratings are from absolute strangers!

So, Humanity H2O! My blood is on those pages!

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