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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Silence... is golden?

Well, the ride is almost over 😢 The only thing left is to finish book 4 and publish and allow those who pre-ordered Reif's Return to pick it up and read it. Absolutely no activity on any front, just like the good ol' days, and I'm back in the desert, burning in the rays of mediocrity.

But it's been one hell of a ride. So many firsts, which were probably my lasts, too. Until somehow these books are reviewed or advertised in some large magazine or on some website, they'll be there, on Amazon, waiting for the unsuspecting sci-fi wanderer looking for another book to read.

There might be another book or two, perhaps a third 'How to' if I can find a cover artist, perhaps another book, a stand-alone. There will be one more 'Dani's Shorts', and one more Jason Brick anthology, coming soon.

So... Humanity H2O! ...looks like our species will continue on without a care...

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