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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Two 5 star ratings!!! (1 for Gubacsi Dulu, 1 for Radnoti X)

 Yesterday I think a reader decided to rate the first two books of Humanity H2O, and they gave them two 5 star ratings! Thank you, kind reader that you are! ...whoever you are...!

So, Gubacsi Dulu is at 49 ratings, one off 50! And the more ratings for Radnoti X, the better! 

I must say, after a few days of inactivity on the sales/KENP front, they came at a good time, to energise me to keep going with Book 4 (Reif's Return). It's going well, almost at half-way with the first draft. There's still quite a bit of thinking to go into the book, but I'm putting all I have into it.

Recommend it to all! Humanity H2O!

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