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Monday, January 11, 2021

3rd+4th Rating for Farkas Alpha...?

Okay, so, my Beta readers said that Farkas Alpha was fantastic, and it made them want to move on to the last book... but somehow it still hasn't got a rating or review of 5 stars... what is the problem? What did I get wrong? Does the reader want a happy ending? That's Book 4, Reif's Return! You have to have the fall before the rise. 

1. Setup - Gubacsi Dulu = Karina awakens from her 'not-so-pretty' reality.

2. Confusion - Radnoti X = Karina realises things need to change.

3. Development - Farkas Alpha = Karina can do something about the situation.

4. Climax - Reif's Return = Karina is able to find an end!

It's all quite simple if you put it this way. Thank you to those who have all 4 books! I hope you can get to the end with some feeling and thought inside (hopefully enjoyment and fulfilment!).

Humnaity H2O!

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