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Sunday, January 10, 2021

"Schematic Elicitation" - my version of Hemingway's "Iceberg Theory"

Everyone knows about Hemingway's Iceberg Theory, the writing style of omission which makes much of the story hidden, also making the story richer. In this way, the reader needs to think, if they wish to, about those parts which are not given by the writer, using their own schemata, their view of the world and objects around them. 

My writing has ALWAYS been based on this theory, especially after realising the 'strangehold' on my own imagination and creativity while reading certain writers, the particular example I like to give is John Grisham—he is FAMOUS but although he writes thrillers, they would be much better in a literary sense if he stopped describing people and places right down to the socks and bricks. BUT he knows he would lose MOST of his readership because they like to immerse into HIS imagination.

Therefore, my writing allows readers the opportunity to delve into their OWN imagination and creativity to help embellish the story which is given. Before Humanity H2O, I gave multiple POVs (Point of View) to show the stories from more perspectives (How to series = 4 POVs, Graham Reader series = many, though the most important character in the 'scene' kept the perspective). In Humanity H2O, I stayed with ONE POV throughout, which relates 100% with the reader's own POV.

My writing style is called "Schematic Elicitation".

I wanted to add another paragraph about those who give Humanity H2O books 1 or 2 stars (and even 3), but I think if you have got this far, you already know.

And one day after the BIG PROMO? Still more sales! It's fantastic! THANK YOU! 

Humanity H2O! We'll find a way!

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