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Friday, January 22, 2021

Finally! Copies of the 4 Humanity H2O paperbacks!

It took a while, what with postal service, COVID, Amazon... but I now have my very own author copies of Humanity H2O!

Ah, they look nice (as someone mentioned earlier) and read even better (if you have a brain to appreciate them). There was a Facebook post on some 'Classic Literature' page where this guy gave 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald 1 out of 10... 1 out of 10???? It's a classic! Even if you only take in the politics at the time (1920s), it's genius, but all the symbolism, the themes inside, they would feed university students studying literature for years to come! You need a brain to REALLY appreciate literature... or more to the point, you need to read to appreciate literature... does that make sense? Ooo, I like that... definitely a future quote...

"You need to read to appreciate literature." 

(Dani J. Caile 20/01/2021)

Humanity H2O! Still available! (Like, forever...)

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