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Sunday, January 10, 2021

The End of the Big Promo - results! Reif's Return = No.1 Bestseller!

 A 3-day promo, with 2 books free and 2 books at $1.99 before the price rise... brought a lot of success for little me! Okay, not success like JK Rowling or Dan Brown, but SMALL TIME SUCCESS for small time little ol' me :-) I could tell you but it's better if I show... if you notice, Reif's Return (book 4) was No.1 in 3 New Release subcategories AND No.1 BESTSELLER in one (with Farkas Alpha (book 3) as No.2) Reif's Return ALSO got its 1st rating...a 5! THANK YOU whoever you are! So... I made this...(see below). 

Radnoti X and Gubacsi Dulu ALSO got No.1 and No.2 in two FREE Radnoti X is kind of a FREE Bestseller... strange but true... 

They were a HUGE three days for me, especially the second day, thanks to my friend and acquaintance, Jasper! THANK YOU! 

Humanity H2O... all books are back to $1.99 now, until the 25th when they move up to $2.99... because something else is going to happen! (Have you guessed it yet? No, not another book... well, not yet)

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