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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Something completely different...Spams/Scams

Just put this picture here... a stranger wrote this about me once :-) You can see it on the side of the blog...

It's Saturday, so not much is happening...

I've been running through some new comments on my blog and found a few interesting things, but there were mostly spam messages. Then I thought... let's have a look in my email! (Yes, I've got to a difficult part in the writing process... how to kill your procrastinator). I found these...

I just think it's amazing that somewhere someone thinks this is going to work. The first says 'Dear' with no name and then continues to try with the line 'probably related to you'... if you go back far enough, like back to the trees. Or maybe even further, as we didn't come from the same trees. and the second... that sounds legit.

Anyway... this is where we're going? No. We're going in the direction of...

Humanity H2O!


  1. Unfortunately this does work with a high-enough frequency. Old people with dementia and other vulnerabilities are the target, not you. [Sorry to ruing your Saturday...]

    1. Ruin my Saturday? Never! Hope you're reading Humanity H2O, Szaki!