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Sunday, February 14, 2021

43 Republican Senators

 Political Post. 

McConnell logic: You can't prosecute Trump for the things that he does when he's President because he's the President, and you can't prosecute Trump for the things that he did when he was President when he isn't the President... 

Anyway... 43 Republican Senators couldn't see that Trump incited the TERRORIST ATTACK on the Capitol Building on the 6th of January. Trump was acquitted in his Second Impeachment. I hope those 43 Republicans get a lot of money for that because unfortunately for them, this is...

Yes. Those 43 Republican Senators are ALL DOUBLE TALK and HYPOCRACY. Things are only good when it suits them, things means the things they mean when it suits them. These people will go down in history for allowing Trump to get away with his crimes against Democracy and for the deaths and injuries he incited. But then, no surprises, what with all the meetings these Senators had with the TERRORISTS  beforehand, and also the MESSAGES they sent to them, telling them where to find the Democrats in the Capitol Building. They should all be locked up. 

You do realise that this is a repeat of history. Hitler and the Nazis tried to take power of Germany in 1923 - the Beer Hall Putsch (Munich Putsch). He failed, but because nothing was done, he rose to power and eventually took over as Chancellor in 1933, and we all know where that went. If you think that was a good thing, you have much to learn. Much of how the Nazis rose to power is similar to how  Trump gained the Presidency and also what happened during his four years... and, of course, now. Trump hasn't disappeared. If nothing is done about these NONSENSICAL Republicans and Trump Supporters, the US will suffer from Trump yet again.

These people below. Vote them out when you can. Though you probably can't because they rig their votes (Mitch McConnell did. Research it.)

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