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Friday, April 30, 2021

Farkas Alpha - 5 star review (13th rating!)

Farkas Alpha got its 13th rating/review... a 5 star! And the review is 'spot on'. I'm glad that readers are connecting the dots! THANK YOU DANIEL J. K.! (from Dani J. C.)

And still activity going on in KENP, a few readers having at go at the Humanity H2O sci-fi series.

You can find the series here...

Blog Newsflash: It got hit by Sweden yesterday. Usually it's Russia, or Romania, but this time Sweden. I never knew they had any BOTs. Strange...

AND yes, this part, AGAIN and AGAIN...and again... and again

I  NEED ONE MORE REVIEW on by the middle of May!
Can anybody help! ????
Here's the link it, recommend it, support my work because...

...YOU are CLEVER enough to read it and CAN UNDERSTAND it...

The 2nd book IS coming... and there probably will be a 3rd, more on that later... and another spin-off, and perhaps another... more on that later, too.

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