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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

78th Rating - a 5 star! for Gubacsi Dulu!

 Yes! Another 5 star for Gubacsi Dulu! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE! Every rating and review helps to get my books exposure. Without people appreciating my books and writing, it won't get anywhere! I try to make my books entertaining and yet make the reader question both what they read and how they feel about it.

You see, Gubacsi Dulu is still running at 3.8 average due to the low education and high prejudice of those who rated it 1 and 2 after getting it FOR FREE a long time ago - "It went right over my head!"... "Why aren't there spaceship fights on every page?" ... "What are these black squiggly things on the paper?" ... "Oh-oh, there's a mention of a vice in this book! I hate it!" ... "What is this? The main character develops throughout the story? NO! I want my main character a hero right from the start!"


The 2nd book "Slaughter Under the Bridge" of The Bohatch Chronicles IS coming, I've almost finished the first draft. 

You can PRE-ORDER here...ignore the August time, it'll probably be out in May/June.

And there probably will be a 3rd, just working out the main storyline.

BUT if you haven't read the FIRST, what are you doing????

Here it is!

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