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Monday, June 14, 2021

133 pages? Nope, 218!

I went over to Slaughter Under the Bridge Kindle page yesterday and it said the book was 133 pages long... what? It's 40,000+ words, a nice little read for two or three sittings, a piece of wonderful entertainment for your mind. It's 218 pages long. What was Amazon doing? I know some authors write 'books' which are only 50-70 pages long- now THAT isn't a book, but at least I try to do 200+ pages, a healthy read. Not a brick, not tissue-thickness, just a nice, easy read, seeing as what's inside could be a little heavy.

Anyway, so I messaged Amazon and within 2 hours... TWO HOURS... they replied and sorted it all out. These guys have a bad rap but they're cool, they'll do anything to help an author out.

So, if you feel like it, help out an indie and read Under the Shade of the Sun, recommend it to your friends, and review it! It now has 20 ratings! And pre-order the 2ndm now that you know how long it actually is! And pre-order for the 3rd and 4th!


Coming out in a week or two! You'll also be able to pre-order the 3rd and 4th now!

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