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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Slaughter Under the Bridge... coming out tomorrow!

I've been busy working on books 3 and 4 of my new series The Bohatch Chronicles and just noticed I hadn't posted in almost a week. Oh my. Did you miss me? Yeah, right. Who are you? Message me, comment, tell me who you are.

Someone is reading some KENP from the Humanity H2O series at the moment, too. THANK YOU! This lind of activity keeps me going. I hope whoever you people are enjoying what you're reading.

So, why am I here? Oh yes, if you feel like it, help out an indie and read Under the Shade of the Sun, recommend it to your friends, and review it! It now has 20 ratings! And pre-order the 2nd, maybe even the 3rd and 4th! (they'll come out earlier than it says, I just put a nice long time on it to make sure I don't break any Amazon rules).


Coming out tomorrow! (There are 3 typos... sorry, I can't change them until it's published...)

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